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Sun Breeze II Pro

Sun Breeze II Pro

Parts Available for this product

Quick Coupler High Pressure R134A: E-AEK228A
Quick Coupler Low Pressure R134A: E-AEK228B
Red Hose 3 meter F½” ACME M14X1.5 High Pressure: E-TUB2146
Blue Hose 3 meter F½” ACME M14X1.5 Low Pressure: E-TUB2147
AC Service Kit Breeze II PRO/Blizzard PRO (pre-2014 models): SERVKIT4-BP
PAG100 Oil for R134a only (Mechanical, 6 in Pack): E-AEK255-N-6
PAG46 Oil for R134a only (Mechanical, 6 in Pack): E-AEK280-6
PAG46 Oil for R134a only (Mechanical, 1 in Pack): E-AEK250-N-1
PAG100 Oil for HFO1234yf only (Mechanical, 6 in Pack): E-AEK265-N-6
Adaptor for use with E-AEK250-N6 or E-AEK250-N1: E-RAC9000
DYE for R134a and HFO1234yf (Mechanical, 1 in Pack): E-AEK270-N-1
DYE for R134a and HFO1234yf (Mechanical, 6 in Pack): E-AEK270-N-6
Adaptor for use with E-AEK270-N-6 or E-AEK270-N-1: E-RAC8088
Round Bottle 250CC (Used Oil): E-CNT4020
Round Bottle 250CC (New Oil): E-GRCNT09
Vacuum Pump Oil ISO100 (500ml): E-PMP3335
High Pressure Connector with Depressor (R134a): E-RAC5160
R134a Low Pressure Bottle Adaptor (for re-filling from a new bottle): E-AEK320
Nitrogen fitting: E-AEK213
8 amp fuse: E-ELT3698
Saniflux tube reducer: E-CNT0008
Filter Dryer (DML 303): E-FLT5006
Filter Dryer (DML 162): E-FLT5005
Vapour exit hose for Saniflux (3 meter): E-TUB0008
Koolklean Fluid - 1 litre: E-AEK322-1LT
KoolKlean 12v Power Cable: E-ELT5053
PAG46 Oil for R134a only (Mechanical, 6 in Pack): E-AEK250-N-6
PAG46 Oil for R134a only (Mechanical, 1 in Pack): E-AEK280-1
Printer Paper Roll: E-STM0011

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