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Hofmann Prism Wheel Aligners

Hofmann Prism Wheel Aligners

Applicable to:

  • Pre-2016 model
  • 2016 onwards model

Parts Available for this product

Pro 32 Wheel Alignment Software Specifications Update: 3-82826SK1
Pro 42 Wheel Alignment Software Specifications Update: 3-79926XK1
Grabber Kit Dual End (Kit of Four): EAK0268J41A
Rubber Chocks x 2: EAC0090J82A
Cord Bungee Black 16in: 1-08584A
Steering Clamp: 7041
Brake Pedal Depressor: BPAD-2000
Charge Cable: 2-55566B
Steering Wheel Level: WAM0948
9v Power Supply for Prism: 2-94266A
240v Mains Cable for Prism: 6004E9311A71

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