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Sun SVL43

Sun SVL43

Parts Available for this product

120mm Lift Pad: EE-420040250
Bridge Rectifier: EE-321002001
Feet Protection Fender - Long: EE614004030B
Feet Protection Fender - Short: EE614004012B
Limit Switch: EE-320301015
Lift Pad Assembly SVL35 and SVL43: EE-791110042
SVL43 Steel Cable: EE615001010B
Top Limit Switch: EE-320301011
Storage Trays: EE-TRAYSET
Timer Relay: EE-320602001
Bottom Pulley Kit: EE-PULLEYKIT
Emergency Stop XB2BS542C: EE-320402002
Chain Wheel Support Kit: EE-791210008
Top Limit Screws: EE-202103008
Relay AY2NJ/AC24: EE-320601026

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